Monday, October 22, 2012

The Full List of Questions

Here is the full list of questions asked on the first night of RCIA.  I hope we can begin to answer them all this year!

What does faith mean?
What does faith mean to you?
What does life mean?
How does faith affect modern life?
How could it help you deal with problems?
What is "First Communion"?
How do you know what is and isn't God?
How do you connect with Him?
What does it mean to be Catholic?
Why does it matter what religion you are?
What do Church Teachings have to do with anything?
How is it real? 
What do our beliefs do?
How do we know it's (becoming holy) happening and are being completed?
How do we know this is all true?
Are we supposed to be Confirmed and is there a reason to?
Who was the person who brought up the Catholic religion?
Why do we do Catholic Church?
What made people believe more in the Catholic religion?
What are saints?
What's the difference between Catholisism and other Christian denominations?
What are the Sacraments?
Is there such a thing as believing in God too much?
Why do we need to take these classes?
Why do we practice religion?
What is Confirmation?
Why do we have CCD?
Where did the Catholic Church begin?
What make;s Catholics think Catholicism is the true religion?
What makes catholicism better?
What are the evil religious groups deemed by our church?
What do you say to people who think the Catholic Church is bad?
Why do we do this?
What deems a person a saint?

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