Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RCIC 3- The Fall

We started out this class talking about the unity of the body and soul, and how humans are "one" and not a duality of natures.  If we do not have a soul than we are dead.  If a child is growing within a mother's womb, then he/she has a soul for he/she is alive.  This is just one of the many ways that we are made in God's image.  Other ways include the ability to love, to reason, to be self-reflective, and free will.

We listened to Psalm 51 as an introduction to discussing the Fall of Adam and Eve.  We also talked briefly about how there are many different translations of the Bible--some being literal word-for-word, others focusing on the poetry of the words and others trying to put ancient ideas into more modern ideas.

The story of the Fall of Adam and Eve does not tell us what fruit we should or should not eat!  LOL  :)  but it does tell us in an easy to understand story that relationships between God and Man,  males and females, and person and person have been filled with brokenness from the first human beings.  We all carry this brokenness within us and we all struggle to love eachother perfectly as God does.  We call this brokenness and struggle "Original Sin" because it began with the first or "orginal" humans.

This story also explains how we are influenced by evil and outside forces and need to have informed consciences in order to make good decisions. 

It also tells us about what may have caused other struggles in our life, such as having to work hard to make a living (Adam's punishment) and experiencing pain in childbirth (Eve's punishment).


Catechism paragraph 365--on the unity of body and soul

Psalm 51

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