Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RCIC-2 Created in His Image

What's the difference between knowing someone exists and really knowing that person?  It takes a lot more effort to become friends with a person, and an even greater sacrifice to love a person.  Tonight we discuss who God is based on what He has revealed through Creation and Scripture.  We will also touch on what steps he took to know us, befriend us, and love us.
Theologians say that we can know God (a supreme, first being) exists even without faith:
  • observing order and beauty throughout creation
  • observing someone or something had to create all their is
  • observing someone or something had to set all moving things into motion (physics)

Faith tells us about who God is and our relationship with him.  The first book of the Bible contains stories about Creation and the beginning relationship between man and God.  From these stories we learn why we were created but not necessarily how.  The how can be answered by science more than scripture.  Here are some of the things we learn from the book of Genesis:
  • God created everything.
  • God thought it was all Good.
  • God created Man as the epitome of creation.
  • God created us in His image--soul, free choice, and relational.
  • God created us male and female--with a unified body and soul
  • Our first responsibility was to populate the earth and care for it.
  • We were created with Original Innocence (naked without shame, walking with God in paradise)
  • God loves us.

Questions to ponder:
Have nature and the order and beauty of the universe revealed God to you?
Is it human nature to want to know God better?  Why?
Why did God create the animals, and give them to Adam to name?
Why didn't the animals make good companions for Adam?
What is innocence?  Why is innocence a good thing?
What were the first ways God showed humanity His love? (consider the 5 love languages)

Lectio Divina -- a form of prayer consisting of sacred reading, reflection, responding and resting in God's presence.
The 5 love lanuages
Theology of the Body-- Pope John Paul II's teachings on Original Innocence, Original Sin, and Redemption of the Body
"Beautiful "by Mercy Me

"On the Altar of Love" by Downhere.

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