Thursday, June 14, 2012

Putting A Good Face on Parenting?

I was just checking on Learning to Be a Newlywed to see how her baby was doing.  She just lead me to think about how so many of us are not alone in wanting to put a positive spin on the sacrifices of parenting. 

But lest we forget, the Resurrection was preceded by the Cross (which is pretty ugly scene).  And the cross was preceeded by that Agony in the Garden and Jesus asking for reassurance that there might not be an easier way to get the job done.

SO it is with marriage and parenting.  I think we spend a lot of time in the Garden/Kichen/Bedroom, telling our Peter/kids/husband to quit retaliating against the enemy trying to cutting off ears/hiting eachother with toy golf clubs/comparing who did the most housework and shedding blood and tears wondering if there is not a better way to bring Peace and Love to humanity/family/marriage.

 I think Jesus looked forward to the end....He did announce, "It is finished." Is there a parent who does not rejoice a little in the "dying of the day" when the kids are tucked in and the house is set to rights and there is hope for Resurrection in the morning?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

13th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 13th Anniversary with our usual date to the Olive Garden and Barnes & Noble.  By usual I mean, that is what we did on our wedding night, and pretty much every anniversary since then. Yes, we really did on our wedding night, LOL!  What else do you do when you are NFPing??   This time we also threw in a browse through Toys-R-Us, which is kinda fun.  We decided a little hedgehog family toys best embodied our marriage and family. Cute but a little prickly.

But being that it is our anniversary the question of "what are we" and "what are we becoming" was in the forefront of my mind.  If you have been reading this blog, then you probably are not suprised that we are not what I imagined we would be this far into our married life.  But I am fairly certain that God has a plan for a future full of hope, that He is slowly forming us into a more perfect copy of His image and likeness.  All the heartaches and pains that were not caused by our own sinfulness, are just a part of His Divine Plan which we only have a meager glimpse of from this perspective.

Adjusting to Dan's new 3rd shift schedule, the kids being out of school, and I trying to work my full hours to actually make ends meet has been very hard. We have gotten to spend a little more time together each day, but none of it together alone or even each by ourself really. So our whole family is stressed out, because it's just unnatural to go so long without some "down time." We did enjoy our trip to Six Flags (thanks to Grandma for treating us!) especially since we did not have any meltdowns and did not lose any children the whole day (Thank you, LORD), but it was busy-action-packed-fun, not quiet-relaxing-enjoyment.

I resolve to be more intentional about carving out time for Dan and I to be quiet-alone together so that we do not grow apart during this summer.  And I promised him I would re-join him in our weight-loss efforts which I abandoned in March, but he has successfully continued to pursue on his own (I'm very proud of him).  We also talked about spending a little more one-on-one time with each child allowing them to pursue something they love--like maybe taking K to the planetarium, and G shopping, etc.

Lofty goals.