Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Day of School!

Today is the last full day of school.  I am not sure what we will become over the summer, but I am certain that it is going to involve becoming a lot more patient or a little more insane, or both simultaneously.

I have to say I know that Sophia is going to be surprised by her own report card, because I've noticed a LOT of really great grades coming home in her folder.  I'm not even sure what was different this quarter, except that she did start on the anti-anxiety med and her teacher said she was much more proactive in taking sensory time-outs when she needed them.  ...and they really did not have much "home" work either, which helped a lot too! LOL

We did decide that we are ready to move on to a new living situation, but we are patiently waiting for God to reveal to us what we should do, buy or rent?  Please send up a little prayer for us and for whomever is preparing to sell/make way for us.  I say this because when we sold our house two years ago, I prayed and prayed for the family who would buy it.  When we were fixing it up, painting, etc. I tried to do it with the mindset that I was preparing it for someone special, not just to sell it.  I wanted to acknowledge God's plan.  And so I was pleased when a church bought it to rent to their youth pastor's family.  It seemed right.  So now I'm praying for the family from whom we will buy or rent...they must be going through an transition in their lives too.  God's will be done.