Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Wind Through Your Hair

Sunday was a gorgeous day so we got all the bikes and wagons out.  "Look at me Mom, I'm riding my bike!" Josie proclaimed joyfully.  Learning to ride a bike is used in so many analogies regarding learning and freedom, but I think as adults we often really forget the sense of empowerment, exhileration, and fullness of life that this experience begets for kids.  Josie commented on how "windy" it was as her hair whipped about from both the light breeze of the day and her momentum...and I smiled to be able to share that wonderous moment with her.  A half hour later I was rejoicing with Gianna who finally overcame her fears and tried to ride without training wheels.  She's been practicing every day since.  This is a really big feat for her because I've known she had the skills for over a year, but her fear kept her back. 

For further reflection:

How many timesdoes fear keep us from experiencing the fullness of life?  What is the best way to overcome it?

Exercise can really give that sense of empowerment and exhileration for me as well.  I REALLY need to get back to working out.  It's been about 2 weeks now since I last worked out.  I struggle between the "feel good" of working out and the "feel horrid" that occurs a few hours later as my planters fasciitis flares.  This is one cross that I am getting very frustrated carrying because it makes so many of my other goals harder to strive for...having an active life, doing stuff with kids, fixing healthy meals, getting chores done, etc.  What would Jesus say about bearing this burden?

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