Friday, August 12, 2011

School of Holiness

The Catholic Church has often referred to the family as a "school of holiness."  This blog is an effort to document some of our efforts to grow in holiness through the hard lessons of life.  When Dan and I married we were allowed to write our own vows...mostly because I wanted vows that took into consideration all that I had learned in my studies about the history and theology of marriage. "I, Sharla, take you Daniel, to be my husband in the community of the whole of life.  I vow to be faithful to you, to the Sacrament we are entering into, and to God, by whose grace we shall persevere."  There is so much meaning packed into that little statement that I still contemplate it in wonder and awe. 

However, unlike the academic setting where the syllabus is clearly laid out, the School of Holiness follows a hidden course with lessons and pop quizzes at the most unlikely of moments. Little do we know what our community will continue to become, what all will be entailed in the "whole", what "life" and "lives" will be, how much the Sacrament of Marriage embodies the Passion, and just how much grace and perseverence it will require....all the "little becomings" that are happening on our way to heaven.

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