Friday, August 12, 2011


In Kathleen Hughes book, "Saying Amen: A Mystagogy Sacrament" she reflects on how each Sacrament embodies Christ's Passion...they each include life, death, and resurrection for the sake of Love.  Because the Sacarment of Marriage is the living of a life together, and not just the rite in itself, there are a million moments where this Passion can be seen.

Every "little becoming" will entail one or more of these parts of the Passion.  I am usually more likely to share the "dying" more than the "rising", though that will remain to be seen, for surely they are equal in number.  Our Hope, our ability to persevere comes from the Grace given, the joy of all the little resurrections, which is far surpassing the pain of the endless little dyings.

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