Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Last Hurrah of Summer

After ushering Dan out the door to ComicCon and a mad scramble to get all the chores done that we ignored on Friday, I kept true to my promise to use our free zoo passes and then head to the beach at Lake Evergreen/ Comalara Park.  It's the last weekend before school starts and all our previous attempts were postponed due to the horrid heat of July.  We arrived home a half hour before a quick summer hail storm blew through.  Now I am looking forward cuddling up with the girls to reading a few chapters of "The Secret Zoo" before bed.
Pool Graphic

  • Dan cheering me up in the morning and getting to spend a few minutes with him.  It's amazing how he can turn my mood around when I am feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.
  • Kids doing their newly assigned chores (even though they did whine a lot).
  • Leif petting the chicken at the zoo...just too cute.
  • Sophia thanking me for taking them to the zoo completely unprompted!!
  • Repeatedly "rescuing" Josephine from drifting under the umbrella waterfall.
  • Sophia's sand castle...more like the river Nile after she added various grasses found near the lake.
  • Watching Leif dance.
  • Sophia thanking me for taking them to the beach, again, unprompted.

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